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The goal is to stop the counter at or as close as possible to the random number - between 3 and 15 seconds to the accuracy of one-hundredth of a second or a millisecond - generated by the program by clicking the red STOP button. If the player does not hit the exact number, the plus or minus differences will be deducted from the starter credit. 

For example, in case of a Beginner, hundredth-of-a-sec game when the difference is plus or minus 0,16, then the 0,16 must be deducted from 5,00 sec. 4,84 remains and the game continues from here. 

It is a direct hit when the player exactly hits the number generated by the program. The player is then rewarded, in this case with +5 credit seconds, which is marked by a loud fireworks signal. The game ends when the credit seconds run out. The more direct hits a player gets, the better. Intermediate players start with +3 credit seconds and are rewarded with the same in case of a direct hit. Professional players start with +1 credit second and are rewarded with the same in case of a direct hit. The general rules of play are the same in all four modes.   I   2021 © all rights reserved
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